Del Credere

FSI enjoys an exemplary credit relationship with its suppliers. We take pride in handling our accounts the right way, and our worldwide supplier relationships prove this. FSI periodically meets and exchanges credit history and experience with our suppliers which helps all parties manage their export credit risks.

Differentiating good and poor credit risks is a fundamental requirement of the forest products market, as credit losses can destroy a profitable business.

Please note the following portion of our worldwide del credere supplier base:

• United States
• Canada
• Europe
• Brazil
• Korea
• Portugal
• Russia
• Chile
• Japan

Service Banking / Cash Flow

FSI has the strength, knowledge and financial capabilities to provide major sales transactions under all terms and conditions. Our commercial expertise and relationships in negotiating Letters of Credit, Bank and Trade drafts, and extended payment terms to the customer is the key to securing orders with customers in many markets.

Providing efficient cash turnover to our supplier while arranging advantageous payment programs for our clients is an important component of pulp trading today. Also, FSI routinely provides payment and performance guarantees such as bid and performance bonds.

Today, buyers typically want extended terms while suppliers require prompt payment. FSI is prepared to provide extended payment terms to export customers to increase market share, and, at the same time, discount those terms for early payment to our suppliers to keep both interests satisfied.